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Dare to Dream 
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End of Sorrow
Alternative Rock
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End of Sorrow


End Of Sorrow got kicking into full gear in early 2005. EOS has a nice harmony that accents the heavier side of the music. With influences from Tool to Mudvayne the band uses it's diversity in all aspects of their music.

TONY galindo, Guitar

Tony has played with Negative and Infrared writes songs and produces those bad ass guitar riffs. Tony has been writing songs and lyrics with Billy for EOS since early in 2004. Now he has the full compliment of musicians that can bring out his vision.

BILLY Winburn, Guitar

BILLY has played with some local bands, but wants to get into a original band that will move quickly . Billy has been playing guitar for five years. He has good hardcore influences like NIN, Mudvayne as well as KORN . He also writes songs and sings backup vocals.

JIM Thompson, Drums

JIM has a good hardcore feel to his playing. He rocks it like it should be done behind a kit. With his head banging and the double bass flowing enough not to over power the songs but to bring out the power, he has made a great addition to EOS. J I M has played with The Glasscats, Public Response, and WTD which has brought out his musical talent.

Shane, Bass

What do you say about a guy whose favorite movie is Jaws 4? Shane has played guitar for bands such as MindFire, Track 9, Levingstone, Infrared (with Tony) and played bass for bands such as Somber and Pigs in Space. His presence has graced the stages of The Whisky a go go, The Cobalt, The Coconut Teaser, The Roxy, The Garage, The Barn and various college stages all across the great land of Southern California. Although being the standard for which all bassists should follow, he believes his greatest accomplishments are playing “Mad Libs” with movie director Jon Waters and causing a scene at Sundance Film Festival when he told Mariah Carey that he didn’t care about her crappy movie, he needed to use the bathroom and she was in the way. He is currently boycotting all Parker Posie movies because she called him a retard



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